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Postpartum PeriSteam Hydrotherapy

Supporting Postpartum Recovery
For both vaginal birth and surgical birth, postpartum vaginal steaming has a positive impact on many of the indicators of postpartum recovery, particularly in the areas of:

  • Lowering blood pressure and pulse, 

  • Uterine restoration, 

  • initiating and expediting waist girth and weight loss, 

  • Labia healing,

  • Cessation of uterine bleeding through drawing out lochia, 

  • Alleviating suture discomfort,

  • Promoting bowel regularity and hemorrhoid reduction,

And may also positively impact other postpartum indicators such as:

  • Breast milk supply,

  • Preeclampsia prevention or treatment,

  • Incontinence prevention,

  • Promotion of urination

See the full study here.

Postpartum PeriSteam Hydrotherapy: Begin as early as day 2 postpartum and continue practice for 30 consecutive days. Requires consultation.

Consultation- 30 mins/$20.00 A discussion of the events of your pregnancy to determine best practices and herbal blend.

30 day supply of custom blended herbs/$90.00 A great option if you have your own steam set up at home.

Pick Up & Drop Off Steam Essentials/$150.00 Around week 36 of your pregnancy, come pick up a Steam Essentials Kit and schedule a return after 30 days. Includes Bloom Box rental, custom blended herbs, burner, and ceramic bowl.

Drop off & Pick Up Steam Essentials/$250.00 (Volusia County Only) Includes coming to your home to brew your first postpartum steam for you, foot massage during check-in, and instructions for best practice. Schedule a pick up after Day 30.[This service is currently unavailable.]


"The postpartum period refers to the first six weeks after birth... Traditional wisdom encourages rest and relief from other responsibilities at this time."
Dr. Rosita Arvigo

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