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Integrative Yoga Therapy

Regular Yoga practice is unsurpassed in its ability to relieve anxiety, lift depression, lower blood pressure, induce relaxation and clear the mind of unwanted negative thoughts and emotions. For us women, the benefits of Yoga have a positive effect on our reproductive, endocrine, and digestive health.

Yoga Therapy focuses on the path of Yoga as a healing journey that is unique to each individual and differs from public Yoga classes in two main ways. The first is Yoga Therapy is student-centered, where the teaching meets the specific needs of the student, which is distinct from the pre-arranged class structure and content of a public class. The second, is Yoga Therapy focuses on the overall well-being of the student, placing equal emphasis on all dimensions of her being. This means asanas (postures) may be highlighted, but integrated with other Yoga tools to meet not only the physical needs of a student, but her energetic, psycho-emotional, intuitive, and spiritual needs as well. This, too, is distinct from a public class where the majority of the practice is focused on asana and breathing.


Yoga Therapy at Womb Abloom Belly Wellness Studio is valuable for any woman who has cycle-specific or maternity concerns and would like to 

explore the full spectrum of her being by developing a personal practice of becoming more self-aware of the relationship dynamics, core beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and energetic imbalances that lead to stress and result in her physical pain or dis-ease. Whether she is aware of it and honors it or not, a woman intuitively knows that pain and illness are signposts which can point her to transformation and healing. It is one of the reasons why, out of the 20.4 million people who practice Yoga in the United States, 82% of them are women. If you are struggling to overcome reproductive health challenges such as irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, PMDD, or painful menstruation, the Metta Menses Online Yoga 

Therapy Course is a great place to start. If you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes or are worried about high blood pressure, or if you are in your postpartum recovery and are struggling with mood disorders, or transitioning into menopause, Private Sessions are the most appropriate place to start. For women who are facing fertility challenges, the Fertility R&R Online Yoga Therapy Course may be able to help you reduce the harmful effects of stress on your reproductive system and delicate hormone balance. All of these great services are coming soon! Stay tuned!



"When I first went to Teresa, I was having trouble managing stress and how it was affecting my body. The practices she taught me have really helped in my daily life and brought a new balance in it as well. She did breathing exercises as well as visual exercises to help get rid of the daily stressors affecting me in many different ways. I didn't realize how much stress affects different parts of the body, so her education on that was really helpful to understand it all. I now know what to do when something stressful arises and it has become a daily ritual for me."

Allison R., Dental Assistant

"I have known Teresa for 4 years and  have studied Yoga under her direction in various class types. She has also spent ample time teaching me different breathing techniques and body scanning for relaxation. I have come to know her as kind, patient, caring, very knowledgeable and always interested in my particular situation and how she can help make it better for me. Her soft, gentle voice is also helpful and promotes calmness. I am blessed to have crossed paths with her."

Maureen M., Retired Nurse

"My counselor recommended I find a Yoga Therapist to create an individualized program based on problems I had uncovered. Teresa helped me overcome my initial hesitation about working with "nonverbal" therapies as this felt vulnerable for me. At that point, I opened up, and was able to identify and explore feelings and beliefs through meditation, guided imagery, aromatherapy, mantras and breath work. The Yoga Therapy process connected me to my Heart, and grew from a mere understanding of self-love, self-acceptance, as well as love and acceptance for others, to actually feeling and being love and acceptance. This has changed my life forever."

Carol R., Birder

So much of the hard work of a Yoga Therapist is being a healing presence. Just when I think I know better than they do about their particular struggle, these women blow me

"Teresa's teaching style is very calming and focused on my request of stretches for the hips and lower back, along with poses to ease digestive and perimenopausal issues. She helped me with breathing and meditation techniques, which I practice before bedtime to help me relax. Her teaching took my Yoga practice to a new and amazing level!"

Rachel L., Nurse

"I have experienced many benefits through my private Yoga therapy sessions with Teresa. Body scans taught me to pay attention to what my body is asking for. Teresa's vast knowledge coupled with her enthusiasm guides me to meet and treat these needs using specific pranayama, mudras, asanas, and affirmations. Yoga therapy has enabled me to take huge proactive steps toward my health and enlightenment."

Sue B., Small Business Owner

away with their own deep insight; shifting their thinking and becoming a brand new person right before my eyes, not ever going back to who they were just moments before. The lesson is always mine to learn.

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