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Herbal PeriSteam Hydrotherapy

Natural Gynecology

Vaginal steaming has been used by women all over the world as natural gynecology for centuries. Used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus, this comforting, soothing, self-loving practice treats numerous female conditions.


Benefits from vaginal steaming include: 

  • Relief from menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and menopause symptoms, 

  • Regulation of menstrual cycles, 

  • Postpartum, miscarriage or hysterectomy recovery, 

  • Overcoming fertility challenges,

  • Resolving yeast infections, vaginitis/BV and genital herpes, 

  • Shrinking fibroids, polyps, and cysts. 


Mild Steam: for a first ever steam, and for sensitive users. Custom blended herbs are steeped in boiling water and then the heat is removed. *

Consult & First Steam/$63.00

10 minute session/$43.00

Add a steam to your Arvigo® Therapy Session/$27.00 

Save 10% with a package of 2 or more

*Sensitive users are women who: have short menstrual cycles (<27 days), have an intrauterine device (IUD), are prone to or are currently experiencing yeast or bacterial infections, have a history of interim bleeding, are experiencing night sweats/hot flashes, or are girls under 13 years old. 

Advanced Steam: for the seasoned steamer and in the absence of sensitivities. Custom blended herbs are steeped in boiling water then heat is set to a comfortable temperature. 

Consult (if necessary)/$20.00

30 minute session/$83.00

Add a steam to your Arvigo® Therapy Session/$43.00

Save 10% with a package of 2 or more

Resolving Infections: a 10-day practice of mild steaming for resolving yeast or bacterial infections, genital herpes outbreak, urinary tract infection (UTI). 

Consult & First Steam + 10 day supply of Herbs/$93.00

Steam Essentials Kit Rental/$20.00 Pick up your kit at your Consult & First Steam session and return it when complete. Kit includes steam seat, ceramic bowl, burner and instructions for best practice.

Herbal Consultation: Come in for a consult, or let's meet on Zoom to evaluate what herbal blend, steam set up, and steam schedule would be best for you, and then you can purchase custom blended herbs for use at home. A great option if you have a steam set up at home.


10 Steams/$30.00

"Most people think too much. Get them to laugh and half their troubles and sickness will go away and the blessed herbs will do the rest."

Don Elijio Panti

Postpartum Steaming: has a positive impact on many of the indicators of postpartum recovery, particularly in the areas of lowering blood pressure and pulse, uterine restoration, initiating and expediting waist girth and weight loss, labia healing, the quicker cessation of uterine bleeding through drawing out lochia, alleviating suture discomfort, promoting bowel regularity and hemorrhoid reduction. It is possible that steaming positively impacts other postpartum indicators such as breast milk supply, preeclampsia prevention or treatment, incontinence prevention and promotion of urination. See the full study here. Begin as early as day 2 postpartum and continue practice for 30 consecutive days. 

30 day supply of custom blended herbs/$90.00 A great option if you have your own steam set up at home.

Drop off & Pick Up Steam Essentials/$250.00 (Volusia County Only) Includes coming to your home to brew your first postpartum steam for you, foot massage during check-in, and instructions for best practice. Schedule a pick up after Day 30.

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