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Arvigo® Therapy

Everyone needs to relax, to regain a sense of one's own wholeness, to escape the stress and pressure of the demands of work and family. As children, we are at home in our bodies and with ourselves; in touch with our basic nature. As we get older, however, we spend less time playing, climbing tress, running around barefoot, and more time in our heads; disconnected from our bodies and carefree nature.


Massage Therapy provides us with a means to counteract tension, tight muscles, and a lack of awareness of our bodies and breath. For thousands of years some form of massage or laying on of the hands has been used to heal and soothe stiffness and pain, to reassure and convey caring, to ground us back into our bodies. 


Being the sensuous creatures that we are, women need a way to stay in tune with our delicate rhythms and cycles; to experience the pleasure of a body that can breathe. At various times in our lives, the type of Massage that would benefit us most changes. Arvigo® Therapy may help relieve digestive troubles due to chronic illness and abdominal muscle tension from emotional armoring or holding it flat for "beauty's sake." It may also provide much relief from troubled menstruation, from as early as our first period, or difficulty transitioning into menopause due to years of being unable to honor one's own cycles and seasons. Supporting Pre- & Perinatal Wellness with Arvigo® Therapy does more than just pamper a woman, although that, in and of itself has value, since reducing stress due to this time of transitions and expectations may improve both the mother and baby's well-being. Arvigo® Therapy benefits women throughout the entire childbearing year by enhancing fertility and conceptionsupporting structural changes and alleviating discomfort, and providing optimal birth position for baby, thereby easing labor, birth, and postpartum recovery. 



"As a massage therapist of almost 20 years I've never experienced this kind of work. I was not expecting the type of results that I received. Even after the first treatment I felt lighter and felt like it brought release to my entire body."

Suzy E., Licensed Massage Therapist

"I was seeing Teresa for Arvigo Therapy for painful periods that would keep me home from work and school and in bed for days. Teresa always took time to explain everything she did, why she was doing it and how it helps. She also went above and beyond in making sure I was doing Self-Care correctly, and following up with me between sessions. I am very happy with the results. It reduced my pain and how long I experienced it, and after a year, I am still enjoying the benefits of the treatments. I am learning to see my body in a new way and I am so grateful."

Jessica R., Nursing Student

"Teresa's massages and Yoga sessions were nothing short of miraculous and healing for me. Her loving energy and intuitive touch moved me gently through my sessions. Every time I left her studio, I felt lighter, happier, and free of pain. She is an amazing practitioner and healer."

Lili L., Licensed Massage Therapist

"I am a 3rd time mom, doula, and childbirth educator and I would highly recommend Teresa for prenatal massage from my own experience with her! I got the best massage in my 3rd trimester. I was nervous because I've heard stories of women that just could not get comfortable enough that late in pregnancy to enjoy a massage but she made it such a comfortable experience. She's easy to talk to and you can tell her compassion is real. She took her time on the areas that were bothering me. Plus I enjoyed her use of essential oils, she is very knowledgeable at what she does. Professional and caring. I will be sending my clients to her!"

Caroline J., Doula/Childbirth Educator

"Teresa is 'hands' down the very best massage therapist I have ever been to! Teresa is so attuned to her clients and the body that she knows exactly what is needed. The depth of her knowledge of mind-body connection makes her service unparalleled. If you go to Teresa you will not need to go any further for another massage therapist ever again!"

Heather S., Sexuality Educator/Counselor

"Teresa is an incredibly gifted massage therapist! She has acute knowledge of the body along with dynamic awareness of health. Teresa's massages are purposeful and delivered with intelligence and compassion. I wholeheartedly believe she is the best massage therapist I've ever experienced."

Robin M., Yoga Instructor

"My life is beautiful, full, busy and typically pain free. So when I hobbled into Teresa's office, begging for help, it was clear from all outward appearances that I had injured my back. Teresa made room for me in her heart and met me right where I was at. She listened to me, then offered me invaluable input on the where and why of my current condition. What she shared resonated so deeply that I would change things in my life THAT day. Teresa walked with me, encouraged me to breathe and waited ever so patiently as I got back in touch with myself (mind, body & spirit). She granted me permission that day to just be. My back is still healing but most importantly, I have had a healing from the inside out. Thank you, my friend."

Pam R., Homemaker

The sharing of touch and caring of therapeutic massage penetrates deeper than muscles and bones, it treats a woman as a whole. It is both relaxing and rejuvenating and helps her become more aware of her body as a whole, and of the parts she feels in touch with as well as disconnected from. 

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