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Fertility R&

If you are experiencing fertility challenges related to medical, uterine, immunological, or genetic factors; age; recurrent miscarriages or stillbirth, or the "unexplained," this workshop is for you! 

Trying to conceive is certainly an exciting time. For couples facing fertility challenges however, the emotional roller coaster is a stressful ride. Stress plays a crucial role in fertility health as it negatively effects our hormone balance and reproductive system. In fact, the stress of struggling to overcome fertility challenges rivals that of other serious medical conditions such as cancer, cardiac rehabilitation, and hypertension.* Mindfulness-based practices have been proven to reduce negative emotions and increase pregnancy rates in clinical trials.** Practicing Yoga during this time in your life may help you to:
  • Reduce the harmful effects of stress on your endocrine and reproductive systems;

  • Implement mindfulness-based tools to reduce feelings such as anger and fear, relieve anxiety and lift depression, ease the sense of loss and the sense of urgency, and improve self-esteem;

  • Break through silence and isolation by connecting with and lending support to other women who are sharing in the struggle;

  • Empower yourself to participate in your own fertility health by learning how to optimize and maintain it.

  • This program works to support both natural fertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART).


"I invite you to trust in this process and do something radically different for yourself, namely, to explore your body by paying close attention to it, live intentionally from moment to moment, open your mind and eyes to see things differently than you’ve seen them before, and, most of all, trust your experience and your strength. You were made for this."

~Fertility R&R Workbook 

Two ways to meet your needs:

Recover + Reset

Meet for 1.5 hours weekly for 8 weeks 

Includes 30 minute Consultation, 8 Practices, 

and Workbook 

"Just relax and you'll get pregnant." Most of us have heard this at some point on our journey and, while there is a ton of wisdom in these words, when I heard it, I wanted to punch the person who said it in the face. The truth is, relaxation was inaccessible to me. I was already too obsessed, driven, anxious, discouraged, and losing my mind by the time I'd heard this message. Before I could relax, I needed to first slow down, then recover from the insanity of this journey, then make some choices about how I wanted to move forward, and finally practice relaxation. That's what Recover + Reset is all about.


It's no secret that stress undermines every effort we make to get pregnant, so our goal in Recover+Reset is to use the tools, teachings, and practices of Yoga to release fear, reduce drive and that sense of urgency, and make a concerted effort to renew hope, restore confidence, and open our hands, hearts, and minds in order to relax. Since we can't cover everything in class, the workbook provides the tools for reflection upon how we are showing up for our journey in ways that undermine our success, and the weekly sessions provide the tools to reset your physical body, breathing, energy, mindset, limiting beliefs about ourselves and what's possible, faith, partnership and community. Each session will include time to check in, a complete practice and a recording of the practice for your use between sessions. No prior experience with Yoga is necessary.

Payment plans available

Track 2: Ready + Receptive

Meet for 1.5 hours weekly for 6 weeks

Includes 30 min. Consultation, Personalized Program,

(6) 1.5 hr Sessions, Workboo

Using your individual menstrual cycle or Assisted Reproductive Therapy calendar as our guide, I will help you understand what's happening at every level of your being as you move through your cycle or treatment. I draw upon the principles of Yoga's sister-science, Ayurveda, to help you reduce stress with practices specific to your body's needs at each phase of your menstrual cycle or ART calendar. Clients who do the personal reflection activities in the workbook find the benefits of each session deepened and better integrated. The practices will be recorded for your use between sessions. Daily practice is encouraged to facilitate balance between activity and relaxation/stress reduction. No prior experience with Yoga necessary. 

Payment plans available

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